PR Ghost

In a group ride when my “PR Ghost” appears, why is there a second ghost of a random rider? It’s happening on my wife’s account as well…It’s rather annoying. Can you get rid of the random ghost or is this a bug in the system?

I guess it’s the “Leaderboard HoloReplay” introduced in Game Update 1.41 [May 2023]


It’s mine and another person. I don’t want to see the ghost of some random person. And that random person changes every lap.

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As @oldnapalm mentioned, it’s this feature - Introducing Leaderboard HoloReplays [May/June 2023]

From the FAQ:
How do I see other Zwifters’ Replays?

  • Open the in-game settings and scroll down to “Leaderboard HoloReplay”, then set “Leaderboard HoloReplay” to “Show” (the default option is “hide”).

its slightly annoying so i turned it off