PR Bots

This has been a frequent request but recently I was aware that it may not be as nice as people envision.
My friends and I have had a monthly GC contest where we ride a certain route or segment.
These rides must take place within a certain week to count for our contest.

Many of our PRs took place previously in a race and the drafting hugely affected our times.

A PR bot, riding out best segment will not be a reliable goal unless the ride environments are similar.
Every race is different.

Just a little thought into 1 common request that has not materialized.
I don’t think it is possible using time as the measuring tool.

Why open a new thread, when the PR Bot thread already has more than 500 votes (and zero chance of being implemented…)

Instead of making a request, I was thinking of some of the details involved in making this happen.
There may be good reasons why some requests have gone unfulfilled.
Other requests probably could have/ should have been addressed.

Given only a one or two (of the many…) requests did make it to the game, I would be hard pressed to find a “good reason.”

These are simply things Zwift (paying) subscribers are interested in, these have no bearings what-so-ever on what Zwift wants.