Power/Watts seems to be inacurate


I am experiencing a slight problem when it comes to watts and in game avatar speed. I am using the Kinetic Rock n Roll fluid trainer with the new version of the sensor. Tyre Pressure is fine. calibration is fine.
When cycling on the flats im having to work really hard to hit 100+ watts. when I do get the watts high, my in game character appears to be hardly moving.
When cycling uphill its even worse. I hit 150+ watts yet everyone seems to glide past me. My weight shouldn’t be an issue. I understand how the power etc works in Zwift which makes me think that something is wrong. My FTP is accurate, weight, height etc is all accurate. id have thought that being a lighter rider that id have an advantage going uphill.
Im not unfit at all, yet after 10 mins of giving it my all on zwift i find im sweating buckets to have got almost nowhere.

can anyone help?

I used to use a R&R fluid trainer, (before my control ERG update)
The only thing given constant weight height bike etc, to define virtual speed is W/Kg being produced.
Have you selected the R&R for the virtual power within Zwift?
Resitance from the R&R fluid unit is produced by the wheel speed, the faster you go the more resistance, changing gear to produce the required power output from your unit for your cadence/ hence wheel speed ( there is a graph on the kinetic website)
How does the power output look using the kinetic app?


thanks for the reply.
“Have you selected the R&R for the virtual power within Zwift?”
where would this setting be? does it not automatically set it to virtual power?
the power output on the kinetic app seems to show a higher reading than that on Zwift.


I’ve just finished a ride and had the same issue. I’m using a different set up to you and haven’t changed anything with my set up or in game.

one thing I did notice is that It appeared to upload to my Strava correctly and with roughly correct speeds, wattage etc, based on my previous rides. I’m hoping it’s just a bug In the new update.

Sorry can’t be of much help as I’m partly here for the comments and potential fixes.