Power targets lower in zwift than levels programmed in Training Peaks

(Bradley Cline) #1

I am using apple tv 4k.  Signed up with Training Peaks (full membership) and built custom workout using targeted power levels and duration.  It syncs to the apple tv 4k for the correct day but the targeted power levels are much lower than what I programmed.  Example, if put target power of 190 watts for an interval when building in Training Peaks, it is calling for 130 watts once it syncs to my apple tv 4k??  each interval, whether warmup, recovery or cool down are all lower than what I programmed.  

(Paul Allen) #2

Make sure your FTP is the same in both TrainingPeaks and Zwift.

(Bradley Cline) #3

Thanks, they were different.  They match now and I will confirm with a test ride in the a.m.