Power reading low after short idle

running zwift on Apple TV and Tacx Neo2T with power being read from my SRM crank through a CABLE dongle. Setup generally works fine. Ive noticed the last two times if I have zwift running but I’m not riding for a while when I start riding again the power displayed by zwift is way low. Also during a workout I stopped riding during a recovery segment (4 min) and when I went to start riding again it could not generate the resistance again. A force close of the app on the AppleTV and restart and things are fine again. Is there something that happens when zwift goes idle for a few min?

Hi @Andre_Lui

Sorry to hear that you’ve run into issues where your trainer and/or power meter exhibit some undesirable behavior when left idle for a period of time.

As far as I know, many power meters and smart trainers will drop into a sleep mode or power save mode when left idle for a while (usually at least a few minutes, sometimes several minutes).

I don’t know that there’s a way around this, and I think it’s largely dependent on the device. There may be some options on certain power meters or trainers that can be configured to extend or possibly even disable the sleep mode or power save mode, but I’d wager it varies based on the device.