Power problem

Hello everyone I haven 't been in the app for a long time . And then I decided to race. The problem is that after the race, I get this icon ZP ZPower sources of power data prohibited in this category/finishing position.
I have a simple bicycle machine and there are two sensors - a cadence and on the rear wheel. I am because of covid in the world, two years ago I bought a bike and a machine to do sports at home. That is, for the charging place to pedal. And when I found out about the bike app, I decided to ride virtually, but also to participate in races for one. I am retired and for me riding a bike both on the street and at home is an outlet . How do I get disqualified again? About a smart machine, I will not pull finances… Sorry if I bothered you!

Some races allow setups like yours, but some don’t because they’re a lot less accurate that smart trainers. Your setup uses a system called ZPower (not to be confused with the Zwiftpower website).

So check the event descriptions for any races that you do to see if ZPower is prohibited.

Or just race anyway and ignore any DQs on Zwiftpower.

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looked and it says there, as you described. All riders must wear a HRM
5min and 20min ZADA limits apply
No ZPower

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Here I have data about the last race. And also explain how I can find a race for me. It’s understandable about just racing. You can not participate, but just ride virtually on different tracks.

I searched and realized like - I need to race ZHR

Hello everyone I’ve decided to quit with zwift. I am a pensioner and have been cycling for only two years. For me, without participating in competitions, the application is not interesting. Due to my health, I won’t be able to drive well. And I don’t really like getting the last places. Spring-autumn on the street, in winter I will just pedal, for a place of morning charging. And good luck to everyone in the competition and good results!

I don’t think that is the course of action that most would recommend, unless you’re just trolling the forums.

You can do lots of rides.
Free rides, Pace partner rides and work outs.
You can race, you just can’t get a podium.
Is an electronic medal really that big a deal to a retired person on a fixed budget who is going to put in time on the trainer anyway?
You have not invested a lot of time and money into your set up so you should expect some limitations.
I was going to suggest you race up one cat and select races where all cats are visible.
That way, your still riding with the same group that you would be with anyway.

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Thank you for your kind words! It’s just that probably during the illness with a cold, different thoughts went. Although you are right, you just need to get pleasure on trips. It seems that I was cured a little and decided to drive my very first track today, as I began to take part in rides, in zwift. In terms of time, I improved my time by two minutes.

Hello everyone After all, I thought about it and decided to leave zwift. I wish you all good luck !! I 've been using another app for two days now …