Power normalization - just a thought

(Matt Canna) #1

There has got to be a way for riders to have power normalized.  Obviously people may have a powermeter and it is generally accurate.  But not all powermeters work a like.

Stages(left side only) - takes power from left leg and doubles it (strain gauge)

Vector(dual sided) - takes newtonian forces from both pedals and adds up

Hub (power tap or kickr) - takes power after losses through chain drive and cranks

Quarq (chain ring style) - power is measured through the chain ring

Even some smart trainers are wheel on and have power at the wheel to roller interface.


Maybe just a few hold power at a particular level, and allow an algorithm to better profile power.

(Brett Martin) #2

I was under the assumption that Vector uses strain gauges in the pedal spindle, it measures each pedal individually and doesn’t add up power, that would indicate each pedal is showing half the force output.

I’m not sure what you are saying. Are you asking for nPower readings instead of the instant power from the power meters?

(Jeremy Summers - Minehead CC) #3

Im using a PowerTap hub - I do sometimes wonder how much not being able to offset this affects my on screen performance (2-4% losses for drivetrain apparently). Probably not much and I don’t take it at all seriously, although I guess it all helps. I guess it would be fair to remove on 2-4% from my rider weight to compensate?

Some kind of power meter recalibration tool (as per TrainerRoad) would help too, as would power smoothing rolling averaging - have to run TrainerRoad over Zwift to use these two features.