Power Meter - What is an inexpensive way to get power meter function

(Michael Salomon) #1

I just got my smart trainer and have set it up. Do i need to get a power meter that cost $500 or more to get this function on swift or is there a less expensive way ?

All suggestions would be appreciated.



(Tim Corso) #2

Which smart trainer did you buy, it might already have a power meter e.g. Kickr? if not then I guess you need Stages of something that might be cheaper in your region.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #3

There is a list available in knowledge base articles here on Zwift what trainers are supported. The differences in power are listed as well. For example, a Kickr is a controllable trainer.

You can also use powermeters that are separated from the trainer like Tim suggests.

(Michael Salomon) #4

It is the Elite Quobo Digital Interactive Trainer. 

I just orderer the Garmin Speed and Cadence meter below.

Will this work ? Also - if i dont use a power meter - is there any benefit to the “Smart Trainer”. I have a good regular trainer that i like - would it make sense to return the smart trainer and just use what i have.

Your thoughts are appreciated.



Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor Bundle

The Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor Bundle provides a simple, straightforward means to monitor your speed and pedaling cadence as you ride. Both sensors are wireless, ANT+ compatible units making them easy to install, maintain, and move between bikes. There are no magnets to worry about and nothing to line up – just install the sensors, pair with a Garmin ANT+ compatible device, and enjoy the data provided during your ride

(Carlos Cancio) #5

With the Elite Qubo Digital you don’t need a power meter, the trainer will give you the wattage and all the data automatically, as it adjusts gradients and therefore required power along the route.  The smart trainer makes a big difference, you will notice the difference once installed.  Good luck…