Power Meter Pedals (Vector 3) & Computrainer

I have Garmin vector 3 as my power source & an old Computrainer as my “controllable”.

So the wattage is from pedals not the Computrainer.

My question is: do I need to calibrate the Computrainer?

Or is the resistance in the Computrainer based upon the wattage reading from the pedals? thx.

I would say calibrate it you are not loosing anything. your power numbers wont change but you can only put out out the power that your trainer resist.


What do you mean? Can you elaborate/rephrase?

Calibrating is a pain(takes 10mins) so if the resistance is reacting to the reading from the pedals I am fine, yes?

Assume that I am doing a workout, in erg mode.

I was wondering if that made any sense…LOL

If you are in ERG and your trainer can hold the required target then you don’t have to calibrate. But if your trainer is way out it won’t be able to keep you in the correct target Zone.

But in short your Power numbers wont change, so you wont be cheating anybody.
Will calibration set the resistance unit to have more or less breaking force that you need to test.