Computrainer Calibration

I am riding with a CT and also have a Quarq PM on the bike. I have calibrated the CT (between 2.00 and 3.00) and set that number but when I do this, my power output is just unrealistic. I am now tightening wheel resistance on trainer until wattage from CT closely matches Quarq. What’s everyone else doing?

I us my CT regularly. I’m usually calibrated closer to 3 than 2. Make sure your Quarq is also calibrated.

Thanks. I’ll play with it again tonight. I usually calibrate my quarq through the Garmin 500 most everytime.

Keeping this thread alive…

Has there been any progress on getting “in game” calibration for Computrainers (or any other trainers)? It works for Erg Video and PerfPro, and this issue is basically stopping me subscribing to Zwift until it’s fixed. My loss I guess, but I’d like to use it, but this feature is essential.


I’ll pipe up, too…although I’m still subscribed.

I think one of the problems with zwift not building this into the game environment is that the numbers that happen in the game then are not accurate.

At the very least, there should be a “virtual warmup tent” where you go and warm up…and you do a roll-down calibration at the end.

I have recently found that if you unplug and “spin-up” during the ride, you are able to recover the connection to the CT without exiting zwift, if you set the resistance, plug back in and then hit the controls menu, and then unplug/replug the USB.  I haven’t back-checked it on my wheel based power meter to see if the new calibration takes hold when resuming the ride.  

Otherwise, just being sure to do a pre-ride calibration in erg-mode at 100-150 watts is the best way to go, with your gearing set so that the speed on the flywheel is close to the average speed you expect to ride on the course.  This should give you the least amount of deviation from the calibrated pre-ride resistance and what you expeience on the course.

When you calibrate your CT in the game after you plug it back in go to the menu and pair the CT again.  Its pretty quick.

BTW i am also getting unrealistic numbers between my CT/Zwift and my Stages.  Today I noticed that my watts were closer before I calibrated my CT than after.

Do you re-calibrate each time you adjust the rear wheel resistance?