power meter emulation? - Found this on youtube

(Matt Canna) #1

So on youtube yesterday someone apperantly created a software to emulate power data.



i havent tried it yet, but it looks like you can adjust the curve for virtual power on your trainer and rebroadcast it to zwift,

(Brandon Copeland WSR/ODZ) #2

Zwift needs to figure out a way to nip this in the bud.

(Matt Canna) #3

Brandon what are your thoughts on that?  I just found it on youtube last night. I use a kickr so it doesn’t affect me.

(Clint Westhoff) #4

Dedicated software may be new, but you have been able to do this with a TrainerRoad relay since day 1.  


(Maurizio Gigliotti) #5

Tool for setting the power curve(vpower/HR power), not for cheating.
Why use other software when it is already easy to cheat in zwift ?

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #6

PerfPRO Studio - Power Meter Simulation
TrainerRoad - TrainerRoad relay
Power Emulator
Download : Removed due to cheating discussion