Power fluctuation in workout on a Bkool Classic


I’m new in Zwift and with working with Power. Previously I only worked with heart beat.

I have a Bkool Classic (smart) trainer.

In workouts with ERG enabled my power indicator is not stable. In a second it is saying 260W and then moves to 278W and then to 254W. On average it will give 260W but I can’t stabilize the readings while keeping the same cadence and speed.

Is this a normal behavior?

My indicator is set to 3 seconds.

Is there something I can do to make the readings more stable?


Hi Nuno,

3-second smoothing doesn’t work in ERG mode since the ERG mode of the trainer is supposed to hold you to a specific wattage.

If it’s fluctuating that much, I would contact Bkool support and see if there’s anything they can do. We send the data to hold a wattage to the trainer but it’s really up to the trainer to listen to that signal and follow it.

Some trainers hold to that number unerringinly (such as the CompuTrainer) and others fluctuate some, necessitating a bit more work from the rider.