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I am on the verge of ordering the Zwift Hub One. I desperately need to start a regular exercise regime and this seems a good option for indoor cardio.
I intend to use it on my MacBook Pro 2GHz quad core intel core i5 running macOS Sonoma - and feed this output into an old smart TV I’ve had lying around.

Is there anything I need to know before I take the plunge? I’ve checked the operation of the MacBook into the TV.


It should work OK. The TV will work best if you connect it with a cable. The relatively slow CPU is the main limiter in that system. 8GB RAM is the minimum spec.


Thank you Paul.
Laptop has 32GB RAM.

Welcome Chris :slight_smile: The macbook should work fine. What bike are you planning on using on the trainer?

An old Cannondale, aluminium frame.

How many gears does it have? You need to make sure it is minimum 8 speed (some 7 speed will also work with some tweaking) if your bike doesn’t come with a lot of gears like 11 speed then I highly recommend buying the Zwift Cog as well to make riding more fluent

Thanks Mike.
Need to check.
The frame is quite old but I upgraded it with Shimano Ultegra a while ago - cannot remember how many gears it has!

EDIT - quick count says 11.

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