2015 MacBook 1.2 GHz

(David Walters) #1

Has anyone used the new MacBook laptop on Zwift, I’m considering buying the 1.2GHz version but it’s unclear if it will work with Zwift.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi David, it’ll work and we do have users using that machine right now. It’d be rare to find a Windows or OSX computer in a store today that can’t run Zwift.  

(Steve Swan - PVC (C)) #3

I just bought a MacBook 1.2 GHz machine last week and it works great.  I’ve ridden several times on Zwift with seamless graphics.  Apple TV works well, or  you can buy a USB-C to HDMI cable to flip the image to your TV - I’ve tried both.  Another nice feature is that iTunes will play through the TV while Zwift is running.

Side note…  I’ve also tried bkool with less success.  The software interface is a bit klunky and there are few live riders.  Scenery is great but entertainment factrmis low.

hope this helps!