Post-Race: Paperboy Race "IRL" by PETA-Z - June 4, 2021

Dear Friends,
This was an excellent event, however it appears the first racer across the line did not ride the full event, possibly due to being a late join?

Strava feed suggests the winner rode only 15:42 of the event.

Many thanks!

Yep, late join will do that. They do their racing using Zwiftpower results though, so ignore ZCA.

Thank you Dean! It appears both Zwift Companion and Zwift Power show the gentleman at the top, but it is puzzling that both leaderboards would grant the podium to someone who did not ride the full course. Is there anything to be done to address this?

The race organiser is the one to get hold (via the their web site) of as they have configured the event this way (though its odd, I have seen a few other races configured with late starts).

Thanks again Dean! I will follow your guidance, hopefully that will sort things out.

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