Post FTP increase picture to social media automatically

Ie Strava, Facebook, twitter or whatever

This seems to be a very common requirement and often one is very exhausted after said test and doesn’t manage to get a shot off in time

Bonus would be the ability to post some sort of humblebrag text that is part of one’s profile, or perhaps randomly generated

Happy to help test

Yours humbly

Please tell me you are joking

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:open_mouth: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Bit naughty Ed!

I haven’t heard the word “humblebrag” before! Maybe I am too old or maybe I should just get out more! Anyway, it’s now my word of the week!

I guess you’re joking, but this would tie in well with the automatic screenshot request:

Taking a screenshot automatically would address the “too tired” problem, while still offering control over whether to upload it to Strava. :wink:

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Agree with the auto screenshot of certain achievements. That would be nice. But please no auto-upload to Facebook…

No …no Facebook… agree!
Auto-SMS-MMS-Email-and voice call to wife/mother/boss at work /business partner/s - etc… depending on the personal situation
This way all those people will know exactly what was done during this misterius absence and surely will apreciate the result (exmpl: new Watopia Mountain badge).