Automatic screen captures for achievements

Just a quick idea I had today. I was sprinting and unlocked an acheivement for hitting 1,500 watts. I was in no shape at that point to hit F10 to get a screen shot which would have been fun to have. How about automatic screen shots for user-selectable achievements, etc?

Would also be fun to have the shots sync with Strava. Right now that only works with Instagram and getting screen captures from the desktop to Instagram is a PITA.


Hi, just curious what your trainer/powermeter setup is?

I’m using a Kickr with SRM power meter. I’m not using the “smart” feature of the Kickr with Zwift (automatic resistance control) because the Kickr’s power meter just isn’t accurate. After much testing the Kickr always reads 25-30 watts higher than either my SRM or the Stages meter I use on my backup bike.

Great Idea Christopher…I am all for this as an idea…

Yes please! Had a similar issue this week.

Would like the “achievement” and the leadboard when you top 10 or 25 or something like that for a KOM or sprint or lap etc.

I came to post the same idea. I just finished the 25 lap Volcano circuit as well as a metric 100k (kind of a 2 for 1 deal) anyhoo… I fumbled the F10 key and missed the achievement, and immediately thought this should be something Zwift automatically does for me.

I think this is a great idea.  Count me as a yes vote