Possible FAQ - Power Stuttering is ANT or Blue better?

Hi All,

After 2-4 years of no issues with my PC picking up my power, in the last month or so, I’m getting loads of stuttering on the power. Typically every about 10-15 seconds, the power will drop by about 30% for about 1.5 seconds (if it’s 175w it drops to 125w, if it’s 290w it drops to 210w). It makes my power readout look like a little sawtooth.

I have already years ago checked my wifi is in bluetooth compatible mode. Now I have also switched off the radio 2.4GHZ. From a workout POV I miss the stars because I am not consistently hitting the wattage recorded, (it also makes the workout harder as Zwift starts to make it ERG up). From a group ride/race POV I get spat out of the the back.

Has anyone seen this? I am using a Wahoo Kickr so it has both bluetooth AND ANT+. Do people think that it’s better to connect via bluetooth or via ANT+?


Check out. the power reading :frowning:

Hi @Gavin_Williams1

I can’t say whether ANT+ or BLE is a better pairing option. Either one should theoretically work well, but most Zwifters tend to use whichever pairing method works best for their unique setup.

In my experience, the most common reason for BLE or ANT+ dropouts (e.g. power dropouts) is due to wireless signal interference.

It seems you’ve already done a bit of troubleshooting such as switching off the 2.4 GHZ radio, but there are a number of other things to check as mentioned in this article.

If you’re pairing with ANT+, make sure you’ve selected the “Wahoo FE-C” option at the pairing screen.

If that doesn’t help, then our tech support team will most likely need to examine your log files and see what else might be going on with your setup. If you could send us your log files (instructions in this article), we’re happy to take a look.

You can contact us here.

Hi @Gavin_Williams1
My particular setup includes Zwift running on a laptop and Companion running on an Android smartphone. I used to have random power dropouts that lasted ~10 seconds where my avatar would slow down for no good reason.

In my case - I had Garmin Connect installed and running on the laptop. I use this to keep my Edge 820 computer updated. The problem with the GC app on the laptop is that it stays running in the background, scanning for power meters and other devices broadcasting Bluetooth signals. Once I uninstalled the GC app from my laptop - no more random BLE dropouts.

You might want to see if apps like Garmin Connect (or the equivalent from other brands) are installed (on both laptop on mobile). For shiggles - try uninstalling them to see if that solves your problem. You should be able to re-install with the option for it to not automatically start when you boot your device(s).