Possibility of saving ride's half way through to pick up later

Pretty self explanitory as the title suggests.   Just the ability to do longer rides and logout & pick it up again.  Strava would have to flag it however if you were mid way through a KoM and you’ve come back in fresh

Watopia or London isn’t really big enough for this to be a major factor IMO. Since you can get pretty much anywhere in both in about 30 mins or so. But there’s no reason why it can’t be the case. Strava would just interpret it as you having stopped at the side of the road the entire time - like doing a cafe stop in the middle of a segment in real life.


But it’s a bit of an edge case just now.

Within Strava it is possible to export a ride in TCX format.  You could export two TCX files from Strava and with a small amount of tweaking it would be quite easy to create one file which contains both files.  This file could then be uploaded to Strava (assuming you’d deleted the original rides).

Strava segments would not be a problem as each trackpoint in the file would have a timestamp.  The gap between rides would be shown as a stop time, similarly to what it would if you had a coffee stop.  Therefore you would not show quicker segment times.

It is also possible to leave the PC to get food or a drink and then carry on from where you left off.  Not sure how long a gap you are looking for and what the Zwift timeout gap is.  Surely if you’re off the bike long enough you have technically completed two rides and not one?

Personally I don’t think anything needs to change in Zwift.

I wait to finish the KOM and give some power down the hill, than get off for a refill of my bottle and by the time I get back I am still rolling.

Therefore no need to change anything, just time it right.

(if I need anything more, I have Wife 2.0 installed and she is my “supply car”)

Works also with GF 1.0 but that is still in beta…

When doing 100/200km runs, I still see no reason to “pause”, so why do you need such feature if I may ask?