Save Without Upload to Strava or Other 3rd Party

(R Nanca (D)) #1

Please give us an option to save a ride (for the sake of Zwift my numbers), but without uploading to Strava. I run Zwift and TrainerRoad at the same time quite often, and when my training session is done, both of them upload to Strava and Strava sees them as two separate rides. Please add a third button to save without upload to a 3rd party connected service.

(Jordan Rapp) #2

You do not need to have a third party connected in order to save a ride. If you don’t have a service connected, your rides just get saved to Right now, we don’t have an easy way to toggle the third party services on/off at the save screen - you’d have to manually disconnect your Strava account from Zwift - but you certainly can save your rides without having Strava connected.

(R Nanca (D)) #3

I understand that because this is what I’ve had to do as a workaround. But it’s a bit of an inconvenience to have to go back and forth to toggle it. Adding a 3rd button that says “Save without Upload” on the screen would be very nice.

(Jordan Rapp) #4

Got it. Just wanted to make sure I understood your request correctly.

(Joaquim Hailer) #5

+1 on this request. Sometimes I want to save to zwift but not Strava, when I’m running another app simultaneously

(Jørgen Brastad) #6