Position in pack for group workouts

Often wondered what determines the position in the pack during group workouts. Is it W, W/kg, cadence, or what :). I seem to always hang out around the same position. Which seems to improve some with higher FTP. But I see lots of folks ahead of me with lower W/kg and behind me with higher W/kg. Anybody know the formula.

Impossible to answer in reality when you factor in individual weight and drafting dynamics.

Your W/kg it’s dependant on your weight and then your weight is factored in by Zwift.

The nature of the course will also have an effect, a hilly route will see a heavier rider having to put more effort in to keep up in the pack than a lighter rider.

Also there are issues with draft dynamics with changes having been made recently. It seems the optimum place to be in a led group ride is just in front of the yellow beacon.

Just read you are talking about workouts.

There’s no real formula to positioning in a workout. Drafting is irrelevant.