W.kg seems inacurate in group rides?

Hi, I have noticed when joining group rides that sometimes I am having to put in almost double the effort when in the middle of the group, one minute i’m riding with the group fine the next I drop back and have to push real hard to come back! I thought this would only be the case if i was dropped off the back as the drafting effect would go but this is in the middle of everyone too? Also when i look at my w.kg compared to nearby riders mine would be at say 5 or higher where as all other riders would be say around 2.5 - 3 yet be at the same speed? 

Is there a reason i’m having to push so hard for the same effort as everyone else? My trainer is the Tacx Vortex smart btw, i thought this was a very good trainer for Zwift! 


Hi Carl,

That can happen when there is a change in gradient, then the smaller (lighter) riders will be able to go uphill with less effort. 

not every one with the same w/kg are traveling at the same pace, it depends on what the rider weigh and this is even more noticeable when the road goes up.