Poll: Best Crit City Race Route

I have done Crit City races in both directions and were commenting to a friend how much better I thought the route was going counter clockwise with all the small bumps instead of the one larger hill.

To my surprise, my friend didn’t agree, he thought it was better with one big opportunity to attack than a handful of smaller ones…

So we decided to check how other people feel about the two different routes. Which is the best racing route in Crit City?

  • Bell Lap (Counter Clockwise)
  • Downtown Dolphin (Clockwise)
  • Both are equally good
  • Don’t care / Don’t know

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a Hill?
Did I miss sth?
Where is a hill in Crit City?
You mean the 8m cobble section? :rofl:

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I live in Denmark, so to me, that is definitely a Hill - feel free to call it a slightly longer lasting bump if you like :wink:

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I’ve only raced it in one direction - anti-clockwise. That was fun, and the little rollers after the lap marker were enough to cause me aggro. :smiley: