Downtown Dolphin lap counter

Just did the Downtown Dolphin circuit. Is there no lap counter that direction?

Also the jumbotrons were a huge help to see who was attacking, if you pay attention to that stuff.

2nd also: when checkout out the IRL topo map, it looks like the crit city is on the top of a volcano and the higher portion of the course is actually the slope back to the water. Nothing important here but it gave me a laugh.

I did a race on the DD circuit on Sunday and, IIRC, the lap counter is on the right just after the Finish line. Looking at the shot you posted above, though, it looks like you may have done the Bell Lap course (based solely on the curve of the path heading out of the pens).

I saw it when I free riding afterwards but I never saw it during the race. It was on the right, just after the finish.