Polar Vantage M shows Watts double sometimes

I have an issue with Polar Vantage M and Zwift. Sometimes Power Watts are shown twice as much as they are in Zwift workout. My trainer is Wahoo Kickr Bike. Polar Vantage M is paired correctly with the trainer.
If someone of you know a solution to this issue I would be very grateful to get some response.

  • Eero

Hi @Eero_Judin

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Looking at your account, I see a “Polar Sense” device paired to Zwift as a heart rate monitor. This shouldn’t be impacting your power/wattage readings unless there is some sort of wireless signal interference.

My suggestion would be that you please try the troubleshooting in this article.

If that doesn’t help, please contact our tech support team, and we’ll be happy to investigate this further. You can contact us here.


I have the exact same problem. Sometimes the Watt is correct and sometimes doubled. The problem is probably on the Polar side. Earlier today I contacted Polar support and they have said that they cannot guarantee that Polar Vantage M works with Wahoo Kickr.
I will try different things like the order to connect the devices and so on.

Hi @Gustav_Samuelsson and welcome to the Forums!

What you say makes sense. I contacted a higher technical authority on the Zwift support team, and as it was explained to me, Polar watches are meant to measure power/wattage when running, but can also display cycling power readings. As far as I’m aware, this will only function, however, when hooked up to Polar’s own compatible smart pedals, and won’t function with another device (e.g. Wahoo KICKR).

Perhaps the expectation for some is that it would get the power reading from Zwift or from their trainer when cycling, but in reality it might just be attempting to measure ‘running’ power, and this is resulting in inaccurate numbers.

Ultimately, it does seem like a compatibility issue.