Podium Girls

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #1

Ok, I said it. 

feature request.

(David Griscom YCW) #2

OK, maybe a bit sexist but this would be way better than unlocking some jersey, IMO

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

I don’t think it’s very appropriate for an all-inclusive platform.

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #4

Sexist. Definitely. I didn’t create the concept!

Some people would view it a quaint anachronism. Everyone knows it’s ridiculous, but yet it persists. 

I guess the new term is Podium Hostesses. Is that better?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Well, just because it exists doesn’t mean it’s worthy of recreating. We can find far better ways of doing this when we nail down how we’d ever do racing in a fair and consistent manner.

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #6

If you can make racing fair and consistent in online contests, you will become the great gods of programming. 

How can you prevent a tandem rider? , or under- reporting weight? 

I REALLY want real massed start events, even if it’s not perfect in the beginning. 


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #7

Well, maybe not podium girls but how about some neat gestures when good stuff happens.  Off the top of my head:


  • Level up, fist pump in the air
  • Get a jersey or PR on a KOM section, hands in the air across the line


(Christopher Hodds WBR (C)) #8

I agree with Duane Gran, I would love to see some celebrations like raising your hands. But podium girls, yeah that’s sexist and outdated.  

(Michael Tucker) #9

It could be made all inclusive.  How about podium people of non specific race, colour, creed, ethnic origin, gender or sexual orientation?

(Matt von Wahlde 7403) #10

Podium Hosts and Hostesses !!