Please reinstate the Crit City Crit races

FYI all - Going to look at this with the team early this week.

I’ll keep you posted.


Just wanted to say huge thank you to @S_ticky_KRT for altering the schedule today to put Crit City on! I don’t normally ride on Sundays (rest day for me) but wow, what a fun race. In “C” group we had positions 2 to 16 (out of 29 riders) finish within 5 seconds of each other and I saw my first ever “tie” on the in-game standings after nearly an hour on course. Was hilarious to see the other groups on course going the opposite direction too. Will definitely make this part of the weekly routine if it’s going to be on the regular schedule.


Appreciate it thanks.
That was a good turn out for Cats B and C.
I’ll do the same with Monday’s event starting next week and see how that pans out.


Thanks James.

The new ZRacing events are fantastic as a way of keeping things fresh and I’ll likely race them regularly.

I’d suggest however you replace a proportion of them with Crit City as an ongoing thing in its own right.

Personally I found Crit City a great introduction to Zwift Racing- you always knew what to expect, so it was great way to learn how race dynamics work.

Additionally Downtown Dolphin is an especially ‘fun’ way to get an interval session in (the hill making it somewhat similar to ‘The Wringer’)

By reducing the number of ZRacing events you should also help keep field sizes higher.

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I’ve added another on a Monday evening UK

I have been looking for Crit City too, just like you Matt. The “bulk” of my Zwift has been the races. With the races so infrequent, I can not even participate, even with the Rhino Racing, due work hours. That too was my mainstay and kept me with Zwift. I really liked and prefer the frequent race times and course (crit city/champs-elysees), as it felt like an actual crit with the turns and such. Nothing against the other events, but I am just not that interested in them…I came mostly for the crit city. I tried the “Tiny Races” but it does not feel natural for me to start and stop, then wait for the next one.
I only have have a small window for a race start time between 530 - 6pm, at least until October. Can we do the Rhino with more frequent hours repeating thru the week or I am out of luck on this?

I am more than happy for established event organisers to approach me with times that they would like to run these events and I’ll happily put them on the schedule.

Our vision over the next 12 months (and likely past that) is to run a different themed series each month and we’re more than happy for event organisers to put on events that fill a hole.


5.30 - 6pm in which time zone?

Strange how an established race series is pulled

@James_Zwift I’m fine with your new direction but you might consider contacting some of the usual suspects to see if they’d be willing to operate Crit City similar to how it has been. Clearly people miss it.

Sounds awesome! I am Eastern Standard Time under NY (GMT-5)

Start time 530pm or 6pm would be very appreciated!

Closest one on the calendar: Team CLS Racing - Hump Day Blast - Category Enforcement - The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Why couldn’t Zwift just reinstate the races themselves? No need to ask the community to ask Zwift to create them.
Am I missing something?


Definitely haven’t answered this several times.

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I don’t like your tone @James_Zwift.

I’ve said numerous times that we have a set strategy for the next 12 months or so and if there are holes we have missed, event organisers are welcome to approach us to fill these.

I have said this a number of times.

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Peek Zwift season is on its way and people don’t care if it is Zwift or some other organizer hosting the events. The Crit City races can live along side the monthly Zwift leagues. No problem. Many, like me, just want a short hard race to jump on.

I once again feel your frustration. You have mentioned what Zwift aims to do 4 times in this one thread in posts 2, 9, 36 and 47 and you have hinted at solutions in posts 16 and 38.

You seem to work 10-12 hours days reading and replying and for that we are almost all very grateful. The problem is many of us don’t have the time to keep up with everything and trawl through the often hundreds of posts so we fall behind the curve ball and often ask again. You are also sometimes the bearer of bad news and possibly we unfairly take out our disappointment on you.

I think in post 40 (16 days ago) you said you were going to look at this with the team. I suspect the answer from the team was not good news for Crit lovers and you quietly gave the answer in post 47, repeating what you had said previously.

Finding official answers from Zwift staff is not easy in amongst a huge thread ( this is actually quite a small thread but will probably get bigger).

May I make a suggestion: when Zwift staff are giving an important answer, update or final decision on a thread that,as well as it being posted within the thread at the suitable place, it is also somehow included at the very top of the post making it easy to find and read.This way forum users can immediately check for important Zwift staff replies.


You’re not missing anything, but my reasoning is:

  • Zwift don’t wanna do it
  • It’s a great opportunity for another organizer to build a very popular series - could be #1 on the platform

I’m sorry for not coming back on this. We decided to not add further Crit City races and to offer this out to organisers to arrange where they felt there was demand.

For those of you that do want addition CC races adding, please approach your team organiser (if you have one) if not please approach a recognised organiser and I will happily schedule events for them.

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