Please offer a simple mode of racing by Watts

Clearly you can’t code resistance, watts per kilogram, drafting, etc. You are trying to boil the ocean and failing miserably.

Please just have a mode, where speed is determined by WATTS and nothing else. That way i can ride with people putting out similar watts, have competitive races, etc. I don’t have to worry about bike frames, tires, road resistance, my weight, your stupid drafting logic…

So not taking hills into account? Or rider weight?

I would think Zwift use a formula similar to this.

I don’t see w/kg anyware in that formula.


TT Races on Fuego Flats could fit your request.

Should try Tempus Fugit (Watopia) if you want be close to what you want.
There is 60 metres of height difference on 40 kilometers of ride.

Hill resistance is fine, it would affect everyone the same way.

HAHA my point exactly

I don’t understand this comment, you said you want only WATTS and you dont want to worry about and I quote

but in the quoted formula there are
road resistance - Cr Rolling resistance coefficient

weight - mrider Mass of the rider (influences rolling friction, slope pulling force, and the rider’s frontal area via body volume)

drafting - Cd Air drag coefficient

So no we don’t agree.

You can’t find a competitive race now?

How is that possible