Please change the keyboard U-turn shortcut to "U"

I have, several times, executed a U-turn by mistake. Usually while climbing Alpe du Zwift, which makes the whole climb null and void…

Currently the keyboard shortcut is the “down arrow”. This button is also used to pan the camera down in view “0”. So, if I think I’m in view “0”, but I’m actually in another view (usually “9”), and I try to pan down, I U-turn instead.

Unintended U-turns also happen when I think the computer’s focus is on another application, but it’s actually on Zwift.

Could the keyboard shortcut for a U-turn be changed to “U”?

Be reasonable! You want the “U”-turn keyboard shortcut to be the “U” key?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That makes way too much sense. It would be too intuitive.:rofl:

In all seriousness, what does the “U” currently do? Is there a keyboard shortcut for U-turn? I do not use the keyboard for anything. I find the Companion app controls sufficient.


Does that do it too?

I use downarrow. I find that an intuitive key for a U-turn, personally - and easier to find.

Sorry, “down arrow” is correct. The forum software apparently didn’t like the brackets I used and simply removed that text!

The problem is that “down arrow” is used for other functions as well. Assigning a dedicated button would help to avoid accidental activation.

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Is it? I can’t think of anything. Maybe navigation within menus or dialog boxes, but I’d assume it doesn’t trigger a U-turn in that situation. Maybe it does!

The down arrow is used to navigate the camera view after pressing 0.

It used to be a long press to make a U-turn.

custom keyboard shortcuts will be nice.


I’ve never used that camera. I assume it’s mentioned somewhere in the manual. :wink:

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Yes that is what Nathan use when he broadcast the Races.


It’d be better with mouse control anyway. Left-click and drag to reposition the camera. Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Yes for race Broadcasting the mouse will be better, but for us while riding I would prefer buttons.


If I ever used the camera, I’d still prefer the mouse while riding. It’s much easier for me to use while on the bike. All depends on where you have the mouse and keyboard though.

Here’s a better idea! Give us the power to map the keyboard as we see fit.

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Make autoexec.cfg great again!