Please allow install to SD card formatted as internal storage

Hi there, love Zwift and the ability to run it on my phone. Unfortunately the app is enormous, and the 2.3gb it eats up pushes my storage to the point it slows everything else down.

It is an easy fix, however, to allow the option for installation on Android phones to SD cards formatted as internal storage. All my largest apps are that way, and it works seamlessly. There is no effect on performance.

Here is an explanation of how to do it, for the developers:

There is nothing to lose, it would have no impact on users who prefer to keep it on internal storage or don’t have sd cards formatted as internal.


I deleted the main Zwift app from my phone, and only kept Companion for this reason. I primarily Zwift on a computer, for something like a quick lunch spin it was convenient to just load it up on the phone.

Great suggestion!

Agreed. Just had same issue with my phone, and was trying to find a way to install on SD Card.

I agree this would be helpful. I just joined and found my phone barely has enough storage in internal memory after deleting or moving any items I could. My tablet is incompatible and I don’t have a laptop so I don’t have a lot of options other than buying another device.

Really though, Zwift. Just flip the switch using the instructions from Android above. Missed another event today because I needed to clear a few hundred mb of tight internal storage space on my 32GB phone for the Zwift update. This is a simple fix.