Pictures/video not uploading from ATV

Pictures not loading on Strava with ATV…

I’ve got ATV 4K (2nd gen) and it was uploading pictures and a video to my Strava with no issues at all. For the last 2 weeks I’ve noticed the video doesn’t load and sometimes the pictures don’t upload or there’s only 1 or 2 at most even though more are selected after an activity.

The picture that shows my stats (20min, 5min, 15 sec etc) is there after a race but it’s always set to ignore and when I unselect another and select that 1 it disappears!

The companion app only shows the same pictures after I’ve ended an activity too!

I’ve removed and added Strava and Zwift back together and it’s still not made a difference.

I was always ending an activity with the Apple TV remote and I ended it with the companion app today and it didn’t make a difference.

How can I sort this as it’s getting annoying now :joy:.

To be honest I’ve had this with PC for months.

Most of the time the video doesn’t go to Strava and i have to manually add it again. It could be I’m being impatient as i go to the activity in Strava straight after saving in Zwift so it’s maybe not processed it yet.

Hi @Scott0

You didn’t tell us, so gotta ask: do you have Video Screenshots enabled in your game settings menu?

Also see if Image Uploading is enabled in the Settings screen.