Video clips don’t upload via ATV

Video Automatic clips upload to Strava but not my photos library on iPhone. Manually started clips upload perfectly. Why do the automatically selected clips get lost? It’s certainly nice to capture record sprints etc. and clearly if you’re setting a personal best you won’t be thinking about manually pressing the video button in Companion. Please fix this little glitch!! Great feature if it works

Hi @David_Kindler_MitB

A few things about the Video Screenshots feature:

  1. Locally stored videos: Your video screenshots should be are not saved locally to your Apple TV. Open the Apple TV Photos app on the ATV itself - are they there? Every now and then - we recommend deleting old videos you no longer want to keep so you maintain enough free storage space.

  2. The video screenshot feature is a joint effort with Strava. If you have your account synced with Strava - once it’s uploaded to Strava it is removed from the Zwift server to avoid redundancy.

This two pronged approach is by design - not a glitch. You should have a local copy of milestones you can keep or share as you wish.

Thanks. Now I’ll have to look up how to put photos on my ATV. Checked and folder is empty. Nothing there but privacy notice !

Hmmm. Do I need to use iCloud photo sharing to turn on Zwift video sharing to ATV? I don’t want to pay for photo storage there. Hope that’s not the answer. Any you tube video showing how to do this?

Following up after checking with our engineers - video screenshots are no longer saved locally to Apple TV, but they used to be. At some point during its development, we changed the default behavior due to some challenges with tvOS behavior that are beyond Zwift’s ability to control. This behavior is also intentional on Apple TV devices.

Well why do the videos get uploaded to Strava but not to my phone? Or why not upload to Companion or Zwift app? Lots of options. But Zwift picked no options. You can do better!