Peloton install

Looks like Zwift is now too big to install on a Bike+ (I’m currently having to stream it from a Macbook or use an iPad.

Has anyone found a workaround?

Here’s the problem

After the install (including copying the .obb into the relevant folder) there’s ~1.6gb left on the bike.

Launch the app and it’ll say ‘validating install’ - and then comes up with an error at the end saying that there’s not enough space to finish.

It says it needs 1.5gb - which is slightly less than what’s available - but still won’t finish.

Hi @Edward_Phillips1

I’m confused by what you’re asking Are you trying to Install Zwift on a Peloton bike’s console? That usage has never been supported.

If you’re using Assioma power meter pedals on a Peloton bike and using that to Zwift on a macBook - that is a workaround. :wink:

Purchased a SmartSpin2K and it changed everything. I have since cancelled my Peloton membership and ride exclusively on Zwift! I recently upgraded my set up and removed my Peloton Tablet as well. Here is my latest setup!