PC mini requirements

Hi all, can anyone tell me if the following PC mini will handle Zwift. ?
The Kogan Atlas C300 Mini PC is both convenient and powerful, designed to allow you to transport it around with ease.
Comes with Microsoft Windows 10 installed
Enjoy brilliant home entertainment with impressive Intel HD graphics 500
Speedy 32GB eMMC storage
Intel Celeron J3455 processor delivering up to 2.3GHz
Up to 2TB expandable storage
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac



Zwift has a free demo and it lasts forever as long as you don’t pedal. Email address and password is all that is needed. You will receive emails that are easy to unsubscribe from.

Put in on the dang PC and find out.   :slight_smile:

Thanks Cary, however I haven’t purchased it yet. Generally I run it off my iPhone and would like to change.

Hi Josh!

I’d say your computer is not supported for use in Zwift. I compared the GPU in it (Intel HD Graphics 500) to our minimum spec GPU (Intel HD Graphics 4000), and your graphics card is under our minimum specs.

Sorry about that! You can find a list of Zwift supported devices and minimum specs for computers here on our hardware page.