PC crashes when loading Makuri [November 2022] [1.31]

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There’s already Tour of Makuri Islands, Race Makuri, and lots of free riders due to the new roads. These things increase the severity of the bug.

Makuri loads fine for me, but eventually crashes. First I thought is was limited to the Tour of Makuri group rides. 15 minutes in, laggy and then crashes. This evening tried two Makuri free rides…the same thing. Tried New York…laggy right at the start. Tried Watopia…sucess! However, very frustrated.

Fairly new laptop…never had problems before.

Following this thread with attention. As of a week ago I cannot load anything Makuri. Zwift just hangs on the blue loading screen and then just closes. Every other world works fine.
Win10 PC
4Gb ram
GT 710 2GB

Happened to me again yesterday clashed when I’m 2/3 into completing the stage 5/longer route, so frustrating, is a new laptop & I don’t have problems with other route or Wahoo but this route. Surprise to find this is on going issue that still not resolve! And no further update?.

Using a high end Mac Studio computer, the tour of makuri crashed two days in a row, both about 8 miles into the ride. Very frustrating.

UPDATE: We continue to work on this diagnosing this crash and are having a difficult time reproducing it on our end. If your Makuri crash happened in the past 24 hours on Windows or macOS and you have not already sent in your Windows system crash logs - we’d appreciate you emailing them in. Instructions are noted in my post upstream.


Hi, i have just this second emailed the logs and windows event viewer logs to support. Thanks, Dan

I’m not seeing your email. Did you use the Contact Us method above? Did you use a different one than the one you log into Zwift with?

Hi, i emailed from danu83 at outlook dot com to logs at zwift dot com

Hi, my application crashes when I cross the finish line banner in Tour of Makuri Islands events (happened 3 times in 3 different stages). The rides are not uploaded to Strava, the activities in Zwift lack the last few minutes / kilometers.

I’m Running a Radeon RX 6800 with 16GB of VRAM (which, btw, is under full load in the initial pairing screen and game menu… once the world is loaded it’s all fine).
Windows 10 Pro v. 22H2 build 19045.2251

I have just submitted the crash log.

Tonight: Serpentine 8 in Watopia having the same issue I’m experiencing in Markuri. 15 minutes in and laggy. I quit the ride before Zwift locked-up and crashed. Windows has never crashed when this happens, only Zwift.

Contacted support through the Chat Assistant and uploaded log.

That sounds more like it’s related to this: Zwift Crash "Apple" After screenshot where people have noted the automatic screenshots after completing a route/event or setting a PR etc can cause a crash.

@Steve_Clogg_PACK_LEA has seen the same thing with participants in his group rides I believe.

There are clearly several different issues here.

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I wasn’t aware of that, thank you.
But it seems this bug has only affected iOS users except me. I’ll have to check if I can trigger the game to shut down by manually taking screenshots. And I have to review my screenshot folder - there should be some automatic screenshots from those crashed rides (I passed quite a few sprint banners, and Zwift usually takes a screenshot 18:11 into my ride).

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I didn’t hear back after this…

Looking at the system logs, mine system appears to be running out of virtual memory when loading Makuri. I have 8gb ram but have just ordered 16gb from Amazon as an experiment to see if it fixes

8GB is plenty for Zwift, you shouldn’t be spending money trying to fix their problems.


Hi. I read 16gb recommended nowadays for Win11 so thought I’d give it a go

Do you have a source?
According to this page:" Supported Devices to Run Zwift" It is still 8GB.

I just saw it in this article in the table about half way down: www.cgdirector dot com / how-much-ram-do-you-need/

I was interested the recommended jumped from Win 10 to Win 11 and I don’t know the basis of their recommendation but as I can afford 16gb, thought I’d see if that was the issue for my setup

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That article is mostly nonsense. 32GB for gaming is horseplop, and the table saying 16GB for Windows 11 (on what basis? it’s an operating system) doesn’t even marry up with what it says further down. And none of it applies to Zwift anyway - a game which typically uses less than 2GB of RAM when running.

It’s old data now and certainly not recommended, but here’s a test of mine showing Zwift running on a PC with

2GB *total* system RAM