PC crashes when loading Makuri [November 2022] [1.31]

If you want a good laugh here’s the machine I use for Zwift, It’s my old CAD laptop, a Lenovo W520, i7-2670QM CPU, 32 GB RAM, Quadro 1000M graphics, Windows 10 Pro on a m-sata drive. Tacx Neo1 on Ant+. It gets a Basic profile at a glacial frame rate in Makuri but on the basis that you never miss what you’ve never had I’ve never felt a problem with that.

HOWEVER - I’ve completed all 12 Tour of Makuri group rides with multiple automatic screen grabs taken and it’s never crashed once.


The only way is up. :wink:

With those frame rates it would take you a couple of minutes to notice it had crashed!


Crashed third time in a row on my Mac Studio. It seems to happen at exactly the halfway point of each ride. Crash logs emailed.

How does it know what’s half way in advance of the ride ending?

These are group rides and it crashes half way through the loop. Could be a coincidence but maybe something is happening in the background at the point that causes the crash?

Quick update: It doesn’t seem to be an (auto) screenshot issue. Tried riding an event on Sprinter’s Playground (ZwiftPower - Login), Zwift crashed twice whithin ~5 minutes, then I gave up. Again, shortly after crossing a banner, but not every banner.

Don’t know if this is related to crashing but not less annyoing: All settings are reset after restarting Zwift - volume, resolution etc… Oh, and I really miss camera view #1… This game is so messy right now :frowning:

PS: Riding with a friend in London, Zwift actually crashed when taking the automatic screenshot at 18:11 (3 times before I finally quit)

Hi, I have just sent logs from my pc (events and crash logs) to the support team thanks to the process you provided in your post.
I use PC with Windows 10, Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz 2.16 GHz, 4,00 Go (3,89 Go utilisable), NVIDIA GeForce 820M
Since 1.31.0 upgrade Zwift doesn’t want to load the makuri map. Everything is ok for the rest of the game: I can access all other maps and attend events everywhere except on makuri. Once I select Makuti Island, the world begins to load and after several minuts the app crash (not the pc, only the app). I think it is what you mean: my avatar never spawns on makuri.
I hope the logs will help you to find the issue…