PB Reset Option

I understand there used to be a way to reset PB history by deleting a folder on PC or reinstalling app on ATV. Both options now gone as that info is now stored server side.
As a suggestion for a future feature or update I think it would be helpful to have this option back.
So many reasons to want to reset your PB’s and have those incentives back. Personally I had a faulty PM for a while and now it’s been sorted I find that the PB’s set on that PM weren’t my actual PB’s. Now I’d like to start over and have those incentives to chase again.
Can’t see the harm to anyone else or how it would be cheating anyone or any system, unless I’m missing something?
Just think it would be nice to have control of resetting them every now and then based on our own changing personal circumstances.
Might even be nice to have an option to tick a box to only register PB’s for Non-Event rides if someone wants to remove the variables of draft, PU’s, Race Pack Speed, Prime Spees etc - in order to get a True you verses your comparison.

ZP did reset my ZP profile somewhat (which I was great full for) by creating an Old and New column for my ride history. But unfortunately that didn’t reset my PB history on all the segments.
Anyone - just a recommendation for a suggested feature that I think many might like. And for those that don’t want or need it I can’t see how it harms them anyway.

Hi @Alan_Reid4777

I don’t know if the feature will become and end user feature in the future or not, however we can help reset the in game all time bests for you. If you need it reset just reach out to support and we can get it corrected for you.

I’ve gone ahead and reset the in game personal bests for you, It can take up to 24 hours for everything to fully reset and you can start setting new goals for yourself.

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That’s fantastic. Thanks for that. Much appreciated.

Hi Terry - would you be able to reset my PBs as well? Would be amazing, thanks!!
Kind regards,

Email zwiftpower@zwift.com for that