Course Specific Personal Achievement Resets

Here is why I ask…

We all age and as we age we lose power. This means with the current set up we max out our PR’s early in our zwifting careers and then they fade away until all rides are 0 PRs. This seems like the daunting end to the carrot dangling on the stick.

My suggestion is 1 reset per year that scrubs all data but leaves your Level and Challenges untouched. I believe this would be beneficial to seeing how far we advance in a year or how far we regress. Then the next year we get to do it all over again.

Myself, I love chasing the PR train and that is a huge motivational tool. I can only think that those who have rode for years would also like to see this added. Thanks for allowing us to send ideas your way via the forum.

Side Note: Zwift should start everyone on the Everest Challenge because when we first start zwift we are dumb. We have no idea what we are doing.

Which PRs are you referring to? If it your best power numbers (1min, 5min, 20,min) those can be reset back to zero by deleting the files in the cp folder.

Course Specific Personal Achievements not FTP. I modified the title to make it more clear sorry for the confusion.

Those only stay for 30 days right now, anything older would be stored on another app like Strava.

Thank you so much for your input. I thought it stored them for ever. Cheers and to learning new stuff. I just thought they must store because recently I had a few rides with no PRs on it.

There are a lot of requests to have them remain for 90 days, but Zwift has made no official comment about it.

@Paul_Allen, They have to be stored longer than that as when I check the companion app. It has stats going back to 2017 when I started. When I talked to CS they were less than knowledgeable about their own service.

I was told to delete my CP file. I just built a new PC in Jan with all new components and had no CP files period on this PC. I still had records going back to 2017 when I started. Overall this is pretty limiting from all perspectives and even as limiting on stravas side.

Basically if you want fresh stats for each year…You have delete all activities or make a new account for each Strava and Zwift. I figured this could be the case and why I asked for advice. While the in game screen only holds records for 30 days I can 100% confirm that records exist from every ride on zwift.

Not sure what my course of action will be, but cheers for trying to help me out

Can you post a screenshot of the personal records you are referring to.

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You could try - it allows you to upload all of your rides and will list all the segments you have done. You can filter via certain years or specific date ranges.