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It’s too easy to keep on zwifting all the season for free just by registering with fake email addresses every 15 days.
Well, they can’t enjoy all zwift benefits, but they probably don’t care… And they don’t care they consume resources which regular zwifters pay.


  • add an email confirmation in the registration process soon, so cheaters will need to create a new email address each time they register
  • track trainer ANT+/BT hardware address and let them try zwift up to three times (in order to let more family members try)
  • lower the monthly membership fee

Thank you!!!

I Zwift all year round and do think that an annual membership should have a benefit with cost in comparison to paying month by month,even if it’s 12 months for the price of 10


Yes, I agree. But in this topic I am talking about people who are zwifting and don’t pay.

First of all, I remember there being a distance limit. I remember thinking it is so short that the trial would be done in less than 1hr. Then, if you want to continue riding you have to join and provide a credit card for billing, which I imagine is verified immediately. Lastly, you have to manually cancel by the end of the trial or be charged.

Who wants to go through all of that every week in order to get free Zwift for a week (think the trial is 7d)?!

If this is a thing, it has to be a very small number of the Zwift population, kinda like spit in the ocean. As for resources they consume, I doubt anyone notices. I sure do not. My Zwift sessions work fine! And if the argument is that they are driving up the costs for paying Zwift customers, that is a bit of a stretch.


If I remember correctly, you get 25km, once a month for free. You’d need a LOT of email addresses and time to actually keep this scam going.

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If someone can be bothered to do that, then more power to them :joy:

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You will have 25km for the 7-days trial period, and then 25km more at the end of the trial period.

You don’t need any email addresses, since you can put everything you want in the e-mail field, since the address is never verified. So if you are not a member, and today whil at the office you think “let’s zwift this evening”, just register a new account and that’s all.

That’s because I asked to add an e-mail address verification/confirmation after registration

I agree, I would gladly pay for a yearly membership with a two month discount than cancel in April and reactivate my subscription in October.

The 7 day trial is unlimited mileage, not restricted to 25km. Once the 7 day trial is over, you get an extra free 25km each month.

Yes as mentioned, you can simply sign up a fake account ( will do for an email address. Add an extra x each 7 days) and be able to ride unlimited miles during each ‘trial’.

However, putting a verification on the email won’t solve the problem as you can use a ‘10 minute email’ address online, verify the email, and off you go.

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Zwift Free Trial Explanation

+1 :arrow_up:

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Yes, but introducing this verification give people the noise of creating the fake email address and check for the registration mail. Moreover, Zwift application could silently check the email address at startup by sending an email to your address and, in case of error (unexisting address gives 550 error if I am not wrong) stop the app.
Since for someone, to create a fake email address weekly can be acceptable, I proposed the bluetooth/ant+ hardware address check. Simple to implement, hard to cheat.

You don’t need to ‘create’ a fake email address. There is already one available to use as many times as you want with a new address each time you visit. - Many other websites do the same kind of email service

It won’t bounce an email back, because whilst the user doesn’t have access to the email after 10 minutes, the email address will still be active.

It would take literally 3 minutes to log out of zwift and companion, sign up new account with 10 min email - verify, and log back into both.

The hardware address option would be better, or even remove the unlimited mileage during the 7 day trial

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I need this for the F1TV free trials!! Thanks!

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