Pause training plan and FTP setting in a training plan

Hello, 2 questions. Started a 12 week build me up training plan. 1 week in and lots of fun.
First question it was comfortable to do about 10 watts more than recommended through the exercises, obv only week 1 so maybe it gets tougher? Is this the wrong thing to go higher watts or is my FTP to low? I was avoiding doing an FTP test given in a training plan.
Question 2/ I am away for 1 week of the plan is it possible to pause the plan?

For 1, may I ask why you were avoiding an FTP test (other than the fact that they’re unpleasant lol)? Without doing an FTP test, you’re only really guessing at the power/zones you should use in the workouts themselves (and as you seem to say, they’re currently too easy for you). Typically, I believe, an FTP test is the first step taken before beginning a new training block.
For 2, see this zwift article (scroll down to “taking time off”.

Just coming back from an injury so used an old FTP so maybe to low. Your point is fair really just wanted to try do the training block properly so didn’t want to add in an FTP. Maybe just throw one in and suffer through that week.

If you’re away now (am I understanding your first post correctly?), when you come back you could reset the training program from the start, using the previous workouts as an estimate of your FTP—i.e. upping your estimated FTP by 10 or 15 watts (the workouts shouldn’t be “comfortable,” after all)? If you’re going to go away soon, perhaps rest for a day or two if possible and do an FTP test just before leaving, using the previous workouts as an estimate of what power to aim for during your FTP test? Then when you return you could start the training program over with an accurate FTP figure. Whatever you decide, presumably at the end of this training block you’ll rest up and do an FTP test before starting the next block.

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