Passers by

I am not sure if I have my Kickr snap set right or it’s something else, but I’ve only been doing this whole riding thing for about a week. I’ve noticed that even though I am keeping my cadence pretty steady and trying to maintain that cadence going up hills, while my watts stay about the same, my speed drops to like 2-4mph and it takes me forever to climb the hills. Just doesn’t seem right when I see all these other riders whizzing by me. I know they are all better but shouldn’t I be moving even a little faster.

Is it possible any of it has to do with using a mountain bike? Could the tire “footprint” be too wide?

I do notice some wheel slippage going downhill, even though I have the pressure pushed up correctly into the tire.

Just curious if anyone had any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.



Zwift only supports 700 tires at the moment, but I don’t think that should matter if you are using a Snap.

Your weight could also have something to do with it.

Zwift is all about weight, watts and watts per kg.

Sounds like I need to change the “weight” in my settings :slight_smile: