"Participate in Zwift research sessions next week!" - legit?

Received this email - is it actually from Zwift?

No, I don’t think that is from Zwift.

This is who it looks like it’s from: https://www.qualtrics.com/

My guess is it’s a University study of some type.

Qualtrics is a legit company, FYI

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There are some genuine Zwift Research sessions going on, that involve a Zwift NDA.
I signed one, joined the Zoom, but the Zwifter didn’t bother to turn up. :shrug:

But this one does look suss.

I’m not sure that it is that suspicious. Qualtrics is used to run user research, surveys, that sort of thing. The company I work for uses them for employee engagement surveys, with appropriate branding.

I don’t think they would allow someone other than Zwift to pose as Zwift on their platform, with all those corporate logos on their site.

That being said, it would help if they actually mentioned they were using Qualtrics…

Customers can have their own subdomain at Qualtrics. zwift.qualtrics.com seems legit. The mail server also has a good rating. It is hard to be 100% sure, but to me it seems like this is a survey from Zwift.

The last few surveys I have done for Zwift were also run by Qualtrics.

Qualtrics is one of the platforms used for those kinds of efforts. I’d say this is real. We’ve also used it previously.

That is about the most unprofessional looking email I have ever seen. At the very least there should be a real persons name instead “The Research Team at Zwift”.

“You will be compensated for participating” sounds like a nice way to get your banking details. Be particularly afraid if they ask for your birthday.

Zwift recently warned about fake recruitment scams so there seems to be an issue with scammers targeting Zwifters recently.


Ok, let’s ask @shooj about it.

Let’s stop guessing.

Bunch of typos too, which is usually a giveaway.

I honestly can’t find a typo, where are they?



Stand by please. I personally have not been looped in, but let me ask the Research team

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Don’t click on anything just yet, just to be safe.


I hope Zwift wouldn’t make this mistake in an official email but interested is spelled wrong…

This is a legitimate email for a project that the Research team is conducting in partnership with a third party firm. We apologize for raising concern, and thanks for flagging this up.


Great! Thank you.