(Barry Gardner Pack) #1

Can we have this graffiti on the road please…support for Paris and the French?

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

I think Zwift should stay out of such things. I think it’d set a precendent they’d struggle to maintain. Where do they then draw the line at things that should be marked in that way versus those that shouldn’t? I don’t get that symbol anyway. It’s more like a nuclear disarmament/CND symbol than anything to do with what’ shappened in France, Eiffel Tower notwithstanding.

(K.C. Race3R) #3

ZwfitHQ … Pls do … It matters … Thanks. 

(Chris Wood) #4

agree would be cool tribute!

(Stuart Davis) #5

Yes, what happened in Paris is despicable and tragic.

But this is gonna help…how?

All it says to me is you don’t care about every other atrocity that happens. No one bothered to campaign for Zwift to support the last car bomb in Syria that killed 20 and injured 40 more.

Why now and not then???

(Kai Glaesner (Team ROFL)) #6

I absolutely disagree with Daren, since the attack especially targeted people who wanted to “stay out of such things”, while visiting a concert, take a stroll through the city or meet for a beer.

Any part of your life you value is a target.

Take a stand, Zwift…

(Stuart Davis) #7

Disagree with you disagreeing with Daren. What can you possibly mean by “people who wanted to stay out of such things”? Literally no one I know is keen to be murdered by terrorists, regardless of if they are in a theatre or walking to work in the street.

Zwift is an online gaming community and cannot and should not pick-and-choose which real life issues it should or should not support.

This thread should not even exist!

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #8

As I said, I think Zwift should remain neutral. Where do they draw the line otherwise? Which things should be marked, and which not?

Nearly 100 died in Ankara recently; was that marked with chalk on the virtual roads? No. Why this and not that?

I think Zwift stepping in opens up a can of worms. Particularly given it’s a global community, and while this might be “close” to us in Europe, other similar events will be a lot closer to others in the Zwift community.

(Craig Feringa) #9

I  agree with Daren.  The community itself will respond.  Many riders changed their flags.  Many riders chatted about it.  That’s good enough.  Zwift should just provide the platform, the community will ultimately shape itself to current events.  Also, Daren pointed out that Zwift is a global community, lots of things happen that are important to lots of people.  If it is important to a group of riders, we will all hear of it.