Pairing Cateye ISC-12 with ZWIFT thru iphone/ipad doesn´t work

I have a cyclecomputer Cateye Padrone Digital with a ISC-12 speed/cadence sensor. I´m trying to pair the sensor with Zwift thru an iphone and ipad, but it doesn´t work. It is posible ? There is a clear procedure to do it ? Thanks !

From what I understand, a Bluetooth connection is one-to-one. So, if your ISC-12 speed/cadence sensor is paired to the Cateye Padrone Digital it will not be able to pair with Zwift. For a start, make sure that your Padrone is turned off. This should free up the Bluetooth signal from the sensor to be picked up by Zwift on your iPad.

If that doesn’t do the trick you’ll have to wait for the ‘wizards’ on this Forum with far more knowledge than me.

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