Cateye isc12

hi all!

planning on using a roller for my thru axle and 12speed road bike since my direct drive trainers (cycleops silencer) wouldn’t accept those bikes.
can i connect my Cateye ISC12 Cadence and speed sensors on the above stated bikes in lieu of an ant+ capable speed and cadence sensors?
also, will my ant+ dongle receiver be able to detect it?


Looks like that is a bluetooth sensor, so it depends on what you use to run Zwift, it will need to have built in bluetooth or a BLE usb dongle.

oops, sorry!

i’am running zwift on a MS Surface pro whcih has built BT. also, i do have a vector 2 power meter which i plan to install also on the bikes i mentioned.
given the hardware that i have:

  1. Garmin vector 2,
  2. iGPSport (crank installed) cadence sensor
    and 3. and the ISC12 cateye, (so i can determine my actual wheel RPM speed).

will these work and give me at least a somehow optimal Zwift experince?

thanks again for your time!

That should work, use the power meter as your power source.