Pacer accelerates away and can’t keep up

I join pacer just fine but after a short time, the pacer accelerates away and I can’t keep up no matter how hard I press.

I am linked with. Wahoo into my PC via blue-tooth and Ant sensors.

Thank you.


You wouldn’t by any chance have a time-trial bike selected in game?

Please also post more details of your setup. (version of game, ensure your trainer has the most up to date firmware etc)

Which pacer? How many Watts are displayed on the HUD when you pedal?

Some screen captures of your pairing screen, as well as the sequence of events leading to being dropped would be helpful.

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Probably one or the other, but not both… that would be weird

Ok. I will put together and add to this string.

I’ve done it before! I’m not sure why, because sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but it wasn’t very stable.

I have tried a couple things. Still not stable or predictable. Have not had a pacer work yet.

Pacers attempted

I did change from TT to Carbon - no effect

Wahoo KICKR 9AFF 63 by ANT for Power, Cadence, Controllable

Also, Heart Rate by HR Strap 65129

My computer is connected to a Google Home wifi mesh network.

Thanks for any help you can provide.