Pace partners changing routes

Is there any schedule on when pace partners will change routes? They have not changed much, the few times they change they are immediately back to their same route again the next day.

Saw this come up today… not sure what to do with it or how it works but could be how they change routes

My understanding is pace partners have changed routes a couple of times, but these were “one-offs” either due to a bug or because Zwift was testing things.

To try new things, I think they should add pace partners to other worlds. This way they could add partners with different names on different types of route for several weeks, without harming opinions of the “regular” pace partners.

I can imagine some people preferring to ride with Cara Cadence in Watopia, while others enjoy the odd change to ride with “her brother Colin” in Yorkshire, or Cleo in France, etc.

And @Matt_Pyke_SJBC That’s just your route choices - you choose which route to ride when you enter Zwift but you can change onto other routes when you come to junctions. The pace partners stay on their set routes whatever you do.

Normally I would agree, and I thought I got it it , but as I was riding guess it’s not on there but it initially said ‘pace partner route’ then offered what appear to be the options to change its directions. Another user I know suggested similar UI the day before when coco was in the hilly route.

I see you’re using the “Cara” appellation… Is it true that Coco’s name was changed? Some are asserting that Cara is the Run Pace Partner and Coco is the Cyclist. But the Zwift podcast seems to suggest otherwise. Can you point to a definitive basis for now calling the C Pace Partner “Cara”, instead of Coco?

I still call her Coco, I was kinda confused when people started saying cara

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I was with Coco twice in the past week on Reverse Hilly route.

That the Pacers are experimenting with different routes is great. Remember, on Halloween, ZHQ switched routes AND 'bots! But did you actually see the name “COCO” on the screen, or did it say, C. Cadence… or Cara???

Didn’t they add extra bots rather than switch them at Halloween, can’t be sure but that’s what I remember?

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Coco was changed to Cara because Coco Cadence is a real author’s pen name and they write soft ■■■■ novels. (adult novels)
Imagine that e-mail.
I still like the name Coco so I’m not changing.
Pluto for planet too!

I’m pretty sure i was riding with Dave Diesel a few weeks ago then later it was Dax Diesel??

Hi @Wes_Free

My understanding was that Coco changed to Cara. However, if this is right then it must have been temporary, because she now seems to just appear as “C. Cadence”.

Maybe they wanted to make “her” less personal.

Sooooo many are curious about this… one would think that Zwift would put the question to rest. Cara now appears to be strictly the Run PP, and C. Cadence the cycling 'bot. She’ll always be Coco to me, too because my earlier ride metrics use that name, and in order for me to search through my data-sets, I need consistency in the naming methodology. Zwift could change her FAMILY name (Cadence) and she would remain Coco to me! LOL.

Cara Cadence is the runner. Coco cadence became C. Cadence as per Zwift companion app.