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We need another pace partner in between Dorothy and Diesel. Dorothy pace/avg speed is around 16 and Diesel approximate avg speed is 19.4. We need another pace partner avg speed between 17 to 18. I’m not understanding this big jump in speed.

Speed really isn’t a useful measure for comparing PPs, since it’s dependent both on route terrain and the PPs’ weights.
Zwift have already said that all the PPs will be assigned the same weight in the next month or so (Diesel is currently heavier than Dorothy).

We can still argue about the merits of the spread of average power outputs within the PP stable, but @James_Zwift has been putting in the hours studying the PP use patterns for many months. There are hundreds of posts on this subject where it’s been tossed back and forth in great detail. Let’s see what happens after August’s planned changes.

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We really don’t. :grin:

If Dorothy feels too easy, change to a gravel bike, mountain bike or something else that rolls more slowly. That’ll make it a bit harder. Then ride with Diesel on a faster bike. That’ll effectively give you an intermediate power level between the two PPs.

It’s about power, not speed.

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We will display average power and average speed for the Pace Partners in the future.

I’m afraid that there won’t be a pace inbetween Dorothy and Diesel. Part of the reason that Diesel will feel too hard is because he is heavier, so puts out more watts.

We’re going to be making all the Pace Partners the size height and weight so there’s an easy progression system to move from one to another.


Thanks, I’m not saying you have to use speed to bring improvements to zwift, but fixing the watts to correlate with the speed. The watts need to be calculated so the watts will be closer to either speed. The gap between Dorothy and Diesel is too much.

The forum is just too congested for me.

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Thanks, I’m not saying you have to use speed to bring improvements to zwift, but fixing the watts to correlate with the power output. The watts need to be calculated so the watts / power output will be closer to either speed. The gap between Dorothy and Diesel is too much.

The forum is just too congested for me.

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See my post above - this is partly down to the difference in their weights.

Another factor on speed is not the pace partner weight and power, but the speed and pace the front of the group is pushing. This impacts the speed that the whole group moves at. When the front stretches ahead, everyone else chases them down so you often have the pace partner getting dropped. Or at the least, they drag the pace partner along much faster.

It’s a big problem if you don’t have the ability to quickly put down 5.0w/kg to suddenly speed up to match them.

James - would it be possible to show the stats for the robot so we can see it even when not right next to the robot? Either in the companion app, on the robot label (at the bottom in the bot color), or somewhere else? Since their pace does change, it makes it easier for me to set my pace accordingly.

I’m afraid that you’re asking for a pretty significant changes to the UI that realistically we wouldn’t be able to do without not-insignificant development work.

James - as a software developer, I can commiserate with the issue of adding features. My thought is that you currently show the w/kg in the list of riders to the right (so it’s available) and you show the distance back in the yellow label below. There appears to be room in the yellow label to add the value to the distance back. Since that is a real time calculation based on my current position, adding the bots w/kg to the m value (say with a /) would really help - so I don’t get passed and then dropped. It is amazing how hard it is to catch up once out of the draft…

All you need to do is look at how far behind you the bot is and how fast that distance is decreasing. That should give you ample warning when you need to “up” your power to avoid being dropped Works for me (most of the time :wink: :laughing:).

William - I try to do this and it does help - especially on the flats. But on hills (especially bumps) the bot can cover lots of distance very quickly if they are on a down hill and I am on the next up hill. Seeing the wkg change will let me know if they are going up or down hill.

In the same spirit, can you add a Pace Partner between MIGUEL & MARIA please ?
0,4 wkg it’s too big like difference for a FreeRide

A Pace Partner with 2wKg will be perfect !


ps ; I try to change a bike, but the difference is too big. Like a push the same Watt like Maria when i m with Miguel !

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Took a quick look but couldn’t find. Has ZwiftInsider done any bike frame comparisons that show wattage for same speed for road vs gravel / dirt for the various bike frames out there, ie. road frame vs gravel frames etc?

A custom personalised pace partner is what we need especially with all the poor ride leaders ruining group rides.

Which bike did you try? The gravel bike will probably be too slow, but the Zwift Steel bike and “classic” wheels might be closer.

If you have a really bad experience with a ride leader, report it to Zwift.

I did, response was along the lines of “We’ll look into it but we won’t be able to tell you the outcome”. Events should have the option to review them there’s no good reason someone would post negative experiences. There’s nothing worse signing up for a group ride and finding out the leader isn’t sticking to the pace advertised, they don’t actually lead or worse they hold the whole group back because they want to let someone (buddy) catch up only for them to leave shortly afterwards. There are some great leaders but they are not a prevalent as previously.

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