Pace Partner riding on Road To Ruins. Why?

Why are we forced to ride on a dirt road with a road bike?

Why would anyone want to ride on a dirt road on Zwift in the first place? You will only go slow and there’s no advantage.

Road To Ruins is not a good course for Pace Partners at all.

Please reconsider the course.

Everyone is born into Zwift world with a mountain bike in their garage. You didn’t receive it?

A lot of us weren’t. I had to do Repack Ridge about a dozen times to get mine.

Sorry Jim,

I should have said gifted a mountain bike after “X” date. Didn’t take the time to look the date up on Zwift Insider. The date everyone was gifted a Zwift Mountain bike was December 6, 2019.

That hardly seems fair to those of us who put up with the misery of Repack Ridge to get one, but that’s beside the point.

What kind of bike does the pacebot ride?

Probably any one they want. :grinning:

What kind of bike does the pacebot ride?

All the screenshots I’ve seen suggest they’re on Tron bikes.

Road To Ruins - 0-3 people around the 4w/kg pace partner
Sand & Sequoias - 10-20 people around it

The answer is obvious; don’t let it ride Road To Ruins because the course is rubbish. Everyone does not want to ride the course.

Please don’t be self‐righteous, admit the fact.

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The difference may also be related to exertion.
The Road to Ruins is the A partner while the Sand & Sequoias is the B partner.
On Feugo Flats , is the C partner and there are probably 50 people are the robot.

Interesting, groups of riders will congregate at the front of the group then fly off together.
The pace partner seems to continuously spawn groups of 6-10 riders that fly off and work at a harder pace than the pace partner.

Today, while riding on Feugo Flats with the C partner, I saw the B partner coming in the opposite direction and I think I could have done a quick U turn and start riding with the B group.
I was cooling down at that point so I didn’t do but it seemed like I could.
You can see the leader beacon way off so you can U turn and let him catch up.

No I have seen the A partner riding Sand Sequoias, and there were over 20+ people 2 days ago, which I have never seen when the course was Road To Ruins.

The Jungle loop certainly lost popularity when they changed the road surface.
I seldom ride it now.
I agree with you.
Thanks for giving me the tip that the Pace Partners alternate routes.

I thought they were just on the same routes all the time.

I like, but the same route gets old.
I wish they had aC partner doing Watopia Hilly.

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Yes they do alternate courses, some day I saw the B was riding Hilly Route Reverse.
It would be great if they alternate course more frequently.