Pace Partner New Ride Routes [March 2021]

I think it will be hard to visually indicate where the different PPs are, in relation to the rider, in a way that makes it easy to find and join them. The PPs can be in a different route in Watopia than you, so such indication is only helpful if the rider is on the same route as the PP.

What I would have liked, is to directly join any of the PPs without having to leave Watopia (exit). Then I can just start a ride in Watopia, select my bike, do an easy warmup and then join a PP. My current activity would have to be automatically saved and a new one started with the PP.
A natural place to access this “join PP” functionality, would be on the pop-up menu and with keyboard shortcuts. Press the button, select a PP (same popup as from the select route page) and you are automatically taken to the PP of your choice.

This would make the already busy HUD even worse, we don’t need more graphics impeding the view. Customizable HUD objects are needed, and many requests have been made in this realm.


The LARGE proximity animation is already in use on the “already busy HUD” - in the form of the drafting “Close the Gap” animation and in the Pace Partner ride experience. With the January update, the animation had been optimized. Lately, with the addition of a variable drops zone, the animation only comes on when it’s generally too late to react to the data. Perhaps you haven’t noticed that the “Let Pace Partner Catch Up” or “Catch Up to Pace Partner”, which uses the same animation as the drafting animation, and uses the same location on screen. Certainly that animation could be made smaller, and the wasted space allocated to the always-on Drops Zone x multiplier band could be reexamined. I’m suggesting that the drops zone multiplier progress bar should be smaller, in a vertical orientation (a vessel capturing drops of sweat), and occurring to the side of the primary top-dead-center HUD element.

The primary interactive factor at play when riding with a group, or with a Pace Partner, is the user’s ability to stay with the group. Knowing where the Ride Lead or Pace Partner IS, at all times is essential. That’s why we see so many requests for this exact feature which is already available and tested, unlike modular, user customizable HUD elements. I’m quite well aware of the “customizable HUD” feature request, which I’ve supported in the appropriate forum threads. But I am dealing here with the Pace Partners’ optimization, not new feature requests, which properly belong in the forum designated for such.

MANY users complain that it’s not so easy to see the PP shield, even when it’s not on edge. But the animation shows a user exactly where she is, without having to pick out the spinning PP timer when it’s NOT visible ahead or astern. This is an easy fix, previously implemented, and available for deployment now.

I will argue that when a feature is in beta (Feature Works), feedback and suggestions can live together. Until a feature is ready (out of Feature Works), all feedback is either a bug or a suggestion for improvement. There is no need to try to optimize a non-optimal implementation if what is needed is a different approach and new development to solve the problem at hand (I’m riding in Watopia and want to join a Pace Partner quickly).

You have been recently given the ability to join any of the FUTURE WORKS Pace Partners, at any time you’re ready, now that End Ride Without Leaving Game “feature” was implemented. It only takes seconds now. The ability to transition between different Pace Partners’ categories, or between free-riding and a given Pace Partner whilst in Watopia (or any other world), without ending a ride is already present in other threads, and one which I wholeheartedly support.

Sure, but why should you have to exit and join the PPs? Remember that Pace Partners is under the same project status (FeatureWorks) as e.g. the Clubs feature, if you know the state of that feature.

It’s quite simple… The equally, massively popular third-party application software that works closely with Zwift (especially Strava), needs to be able to keep track of many metrics that Zwift captures, and reports (to Strava), but not directly to its users. However, it should be possible to accommodate just what you are suggesting in the following manner:

Let’s say a user wanted to do a 20 minute warm-up ride, prior to joining the B-Category Pace Partner. A user should be able to configure a ride with a PP in the future, (remember, the PP rides are basically an always-open, always-on group ride), in the same manner that one does now. At the conclusion of your warm-up ride, the SAME BLUE BANNER that appears on the lower left corner would appear, “JOIN PACE PARTNER NOW?”. What actually happens, currently, whether you realize it or not, is that your current ride is terminated (and reported to third-party apps such as Strava), and you are “magically” transported to the group ride. This would be one way to provide a 30 minute flexible window (the current earliest point one can join a scheduled group ride) to accomplish what you are seeking. The interface is already present, just not implemented for PP groups.

Here’s what I mean:

Edit/addition: To be clear, the effect would always be akin to joining a pre-scheduled group-ride “late”… and Zwift would match your position to the PP peloton with the known, already existing “finding other group riders…” dialog, and plopping you right down with your chosen PP, ideally with a short pedal assist!

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